Thursday, February 25, 2010

San Diego Desserts- College area

Let me preface this entry by acknowledging a few things.  This place is co-owned by a colleague of mine.  Also I do not have much of a sweet tongue and so do not often seek out bakeries.  I find great beauty in the skill it takes to make ornate baked goods, but personally dont consume much variety in them.  Today, hubby and I were in the area and I had a strange cookie craving after seeing the ridiculously expensive but tasty looking Barefoot Contessa chocolate cocoa cookies with white chocolate chunk mix at Iowa Farms market off Mission Gorge.  9.99 for a box of cookie mix????  Uh not for this girl.  Back to San Diego desserts of course...

Today, I was looking for my friend but was told he was in LA with the other owners showcasing their cupcakes at a Food Network office for an upcoming show called Cupcake Wars.  Imagine the honor of being sought out by TFN to compete in a cupcake battle when cupcakes are the new rage.  The nice staff offered us a complimentary cupcake similar to the one being demonstrated to the network people today.  There was a Red Velvet, Lemon, German Chocolate, and Chocolate with custard cupcake on display- we got one of the Lemon and one of the German.  See pictures below:

The lemon cupcake was heavenly. The frosting was kind of glazey in texture but a thicker glaze.  It was sweet and lended well to the cupcake itself.  The cupcake itself slightly resembled "an angel food cake with the texture of birthday cake'--thats from my husband btw.  There was also a filling at the bottom that was glorious.  Hubby says that the filling was like lemon custard--not the creamy type.  It tasted like lemon pie filling with both sweet and tart flavors.  Yummy but the filling fell out of the cupcake after the first bite.      

Let me tell you about the German Chocolate cupcake. I actually think its more like a Black Forest variety and you will see why in a second. Whip cream on top with choc shavings, chocolate flavor cupcake filled with glazed cherries and whipped cream thats also on top. Holy cow. The cupcake is not too sweet but just right in flavor and super soft. Whip cream was a good balance to the cherries which were sweet and slightly tart just like perfectly riped cherries tend to be. SOOO good.

I also got a white chocolate macademia cookie. It was chewy and crispy at the same time and as big as my hand. Texture was perfect and there seemed to be a hint of vanilla in the cookie. It would have been perfect except for the shreds of coconut in the cookie. The coconut seemed to have been toasted before being put into the batter which would have been appreciated by someone who actually likes coconut. For me, its worse than onions so I really couldnt eat more than a bite of the cookie because of the dreaded coconuts. Hubby really enjoyed the cookie on the whole though...

In the past, I have also tried their Monte Bianco cake, which is both white and milk chocolate inspired and beautiful in and of itself, some cake piece with a fabulous chocolate ganache covering and some of their savory food items.  Im told that they have a brunch and dinner and their new chef is amazing.  I cant attest to the savory food currently as I havent been here since the new chef was hired but another coworker of mine has gone their recently and raved about the food and wine.  They have a connection with a local winery and do joint tours,etc.  Only drawback is the parking being off ECB and College.  Here is a link to their official site: San Diego Desserts


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