Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dupars- Point Loma

A valued coworker was resigning our office due to office politics and other issues.  So we chose to send her off with a hearty breakfast at Du-Par's.  Not only was it my first time there but I had only learned about its existence several days before.  Long story short, we had gone to Phils BBQ to catch a glimpse of the Man Vs Food show that was allegedly filming there last week.  If anyone knows if he ever showed, feel free to comment on that.  I will be doing a post on Phil's BBQ soon from a different perspective as I'm sure its been blogged many times over. 

They serve you a free helping of their "famous" banana bread while you wait for your order.  It was pretty good and had the sugar toppings on the crust.  They sell it by the loaf as well for about 4 bucks at the counter.  The premise of this place is that it is an old school coffee shop known for their pies, fresh homemade ingredients, etc.  They even have a souvenir menu from several decades ago where the food was pennies basically.  Here is a link to their website for menu, story, locations, etc. Du-Pars website

I ordered the veggie burger and fries (yes it was 8 in the morning), one of us ordered the Denver omelet, the other ordered bacon avocado and jack cheese omelet.  We will start with my order since that is the one I can comment most on. 

The veggie burger is basically a no frills simple choice.  I quote the menu directly when I write: "veggie patty with thousand island dressing and cheddar cheese"".  I believe it was a processed wheat bun and came with a side of fixins i.e. tomatoes, pickles, etc.  Had it not been the first meal of the day, its simplicity would have been disappointing.  The veggie patty was pretty high quallity with bits of corn, peas, carrots, and brown rice inside.  Everything was cooked nicely with grill marks and fries were reminiscent of the freezer variety--NOT the hand cut as promised on their website.  Their ranch was quite tasty though...probably made in-house?  Cost= 8.95 

My male coworker got this Denver omelet with sausage instead of ham.  Looked to be about a 2 egg omelet.  He only let me swipe one piece of sausage.  I liked that the size of the sausage pieces were decent instead of little crumblets.  It had a nice bite to it as well.  He ate it all and seemed to be happy with it.  According to the menu, it was 10.95.  Omelets come with choice of toast. 

This is what the Avo-Jack and bacon omelet.  She ate every single bite and seemed to enjoy.  All the omelets will run you 10.95 and come with toast as I mentioned.  I couldnt say anything else about this dish...sorry. 

So overall here are my thoughts on this place.  Meah.  A little pricey for the food quality.  I didnt try the baked goods- since that is supposed to be one of the main things they are known for, it might be a game changer.  I probably wouldnt go back unless I had a coupon or everyone else wanted to go there desperately and I was the only holdout.  The service was very attentive and the waiters all wear nice old fashioned uniforms.  Also they made an error on the order and fixed it quickly and without being snarky.  The parking sucks b/c the surrounding hotel commandeered all the spots.  Also a stupid limo company seems to have stolen all the curb parking spots.  By the way, the donuts on the counter looked FABULOUS.  Im going to try one sometime since they are as big as my entire hand with fingers spread out. 

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