Sunday, February 21, 2010

Phil's BBQ- Point Loma

Yes I know that everyone has been to Phil's.  Yes I know that it has been yelped, blogged and reviewed widely.  As I mentioned on a previous post, a coworker and I thought we would be able to see Man versus Food filming there as I heard through the grapevine.  First they said that he was filming at 545, then they told me noon.  When I got there at noon, they told us he wouldnt be there until 2.  We didnt want to take a chance so we just decided to eat anyways.  I wasnt feeling meaty much so I opted for my first time tast of the veggie burger at Phil's.  Of course I had to get the fries.  Lucky for me, coworker got the onions rings so I could sneak a few into my mouth!  Going to a bbq joint for veggie burger probably is the logical equivalent of going to Fry's for lacy bra.  Sometimes you just have to say eff it.  Go against the grain. 

Lets start with the burger even though the fries are my favorite part of this place.  I got the bbq veggie burger with the sauce on the side.  Apparently burgers take longer to cook than ribs or their other offerings.  The burger came topped with one onion ring and cheese melted on.  I have to say, nicely charred on the grill, well seasoned, tasty patty! I can totally see myself ordering this again.  The scrumptious.  The remind me of In&Out fries but bigger.  I love the handcut lightly fried kind....their ranch also rocks.  Even dipping the fries in their bbq sauce was yummy. 

Here is a cross section of the veggie burger.  I would say that even non vegetarians would enjoy this. 

Onion rings.  Before you hear my review on this, keep in mind I detest onions.  If I find them in my guacamole, I pick each one out before I eat it.  I only use green onions in my recipes.  However, I will occasionally try an onion ring or two since I love onion rings when the onion is very thinly sliced and I can barely taste it through the batter.  I love their batter...crunchy, not bready and too overwhelming.  Loved the onion rings...especially with ranch! They may have looked burnt but they werent.  Crispy outside but not hard or bland.  The small order of the rings were very generous as well as the small order of the fries. 

Did anyone hear about the man vs food coming to town last week? 


  1. hi dd
    some chick at my gym met the man vs. food guy on tuesday. they must have done a taping there. she said he totally detoxes before and after the shows. that guy must have an iron stomach or something. those portions that he eats are unreal. pretty disgusting too.

  2. Hey DD - I believe he did the Broken Yolk challenge.... at least that's what my sources told me.

  3. Those onion rings look so good. I've never tried them at Phil's. I need to get them next time!

  4. oh yeah, the girl at the gym mentioned that he ate like a dozen eggs (or was it 2 dozen?) omelet. that must have been the broken yolk challenge...she had her photo taken with him.