Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rambertos- spring valley

In San Diego, mexican taco shops are a dime a dozen.  Sometimes a girl craves a good rolled taco. Today, I want to tell you guys about a wonderful rolled taco from Rambertos.  They use the real guacamole, not American style.  Guac has tomato chunks that you can see.  They dont cheap out on the beef inside the tacos--no ground beef here! I also love their hot sauce.  The only stinker is that depending on the person at the window, they can get stingy on the amount.  Plus they only accept cash.  They are open 24 hours however but service was painfully slow when we went there once after a late night out.  See pic below:

They dont overwhelm the customer with lettuce either.  Tacos were always nicely fried with all residual grease drained off.  It appears to have cheddar cheese shreds which have always been generous as well as the guac.  At 3.89 for 5 of these, it is a bit costlier than the other places in the 1 mile vicinity, but quality of ingredients made it justifiable for me. 

The other item we got this day was the pollo asada fries.  It was decent, but I usuallly like this treat to have simply seasoned pollo bites.  Sadly, theirs was seasoned/ marinated more than I prefer.  I also like the shoestring fries versus the thicker medium size variety.  I like the pollo asada fries from Robertos off ECB and the 15 freeway better.  Too bad we cant eat these things all the time! ='(

There is no inside eating area.  A few lackluster plastic tables outside and a drive thru as well as walk up window to order from.  The way it looked from driving past caught my eye and not in a good way but one night after a rare bar/ club night, we saw the 24 hour sign and took a shot.  Figured the alcohol in our stomachs would kill any germs.  I havent tried anything else here like a burrito but they do have a decent selection.  I basically come here for the 3 rolled tacos for 2.99.  Give it a whirl and let me know what your experience has been or is. 

xx kiddos

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