Saturday, February 6, 2010

Anyone in the mood for a quiche?

I had an extra frozen pie crust just screaming at me to be used up.  Normally this wouldnt be an issue but I feel like I have to explain.  My freezer space is tiny.  When I bought my house, I wanted everything to be stainless steel and modern.  I had a choice between a traditional looking side by side fridge/ freezer but I ended up getting the Euro branded one that is counter depth and has freezer pull out drawer on the bottom.  A year later and I regret this decision.  ughh.  Anyways I can no longer hoard in my freezer as much as I would like.  That brings us to this entry: quiche.  Today's version?  Tomatoes, mushrooms, kale and the last 2 slices of bacon that I had. 

So easy that I am not even going to post a recipe or instructions.  Google it if you want to make one.  I did use my countertop convection oven to make this quiche for the first time so that was pretty awesome.  Seriously, why havent you gone to Costco to get one for your house already????  It took about 20-25 minutes in my convection at 375.  This TOO freezes well for reheating later.  Waste not want not as much because lets face it, I am always going to want something else/more. 

xx kiddies


  1. hi dd - i love quiche, but not making it. anything involving dough, rolling dough and shaping it is such a big turn off for me. but that's because i'm lazy. that's awesome that you make your own!!!!

    i've gotten my quiche at costco - it's a two pack for spinach and cheese and mushroom and cheese.

  2. i used a frozen pastry pie crust...i too lack the genoid that would let me do the completely scratch quiche. Ive tried the costco variety as well...tasty!