Saturday, February 27, 2010

Off Shore Tavern- Morena Blvd

Random lunchtime eatings landed us at Offshore Tavern.  Its on the Morena Blvd that runs parallel to the 5 north freeway.  Ive been here a few times for drinks but we never ate here before.  Prices are run of the mill to a bit higher than I would have expected to see at a bar. Here is the link to their official website: Offshore Tavern.  You can see their menu offerings, daily specials, events, map, etc. 

Service was kind of slow to be frank.  Our waitress forgot about us it seemed after giving us the menu even though it didnt seem that crowded yet.  Hmmmm. Since we were there already we stuck it out.  We ordered the following items: Chinese Chicken salad, Chicken Pesto sandwich, House Salad and the Diablo sandwich.  They let you choose tater tots as a side item with burgers and sandwiches in lieu of macaroni salad or fries. 

Entree 1: Diablo Sandwich- grilled with shaved beef inside, spicy aoli, cheese and something they call jalepeno "bottlecaps" inside.  Hubby opted for tater tots and got them smothered since it wasnt unhealthy enough on its own.  As you can see, smothered includes cheese and bacon on top of the taters.  Sandwich was actually very good.  It wasnt too spicy, beef had good flavor and was tender, bread was grilled nicely and not very greasy at all.  I cant recall the kind of bread it was though since hubby only let me have a few bites.  At 10.95 plus another buck for the upgraded smothering of the tots, it was on the pricier side for a sandwich and fries but still tasty. 

Entree 2: Chicken Pesto sandwich- I never got to taste this since it was my co-workers choice and she was very hungry.  She finished the whole thing so she must have liked it.  Appeared to be made from the same bread as the first dish.  Also came with tater tots.  I think this was about 9 bucks although I cant find it on the online menu.

Entree 3: Chinese Chicken salad- mixed greens, carrots, cabbage, fried wonton bits, oranges, chicken and green onions with a sesame vinaigrete.  I didnt care for the dressing as I felt that it was too thick and syrupy for my liking.  Some of the greens were bitter and it didnt have enough chicken in my opinion.  Portion was a decent size but my hungry friend finished it all so it wasnt enormous.  At 8.95 it was just alright in my humble opinion. 

My advice?  They have good happy hour and taco tuesday deals.  Go then and test the waters that way.  Parking isnt the greatest here btw.  They do have a covered patio area that is kind of like a sunroom style.  The smothering of the taters was maybe a bit overkill as it was just too heavy. 

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  1. Hey DD - We live in the Bay Park area, and have tried this place a couple of times. It looks like you've had better luck than us. We found the food to be very low quality "corporate" cuisine....except for the garlic tater tots.