Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm just saying...

(Warning: there are actually 4 blog entries from today...this is the newest.  They are all equally interesting IMO so either you will love them or hate them.  I have been uber lazy apparently and saved them all up for a rainy day)
I would like to let you guys into my house.  Not literally but through the mind's eye of course.  When I cook, I like a cute kitschy atmosphere.  I spent 3 months looking for the perfect cup of measuring cups to stagger along my windowsill.  Well I couldnt get them b/c they were 30 bucks and I am intrinsically opposed to spending that much.  I got a cute set of measuring cups that look like little china tea cups.  Only today was a dark day...I chipped the 1/4 cup one! Mourn ye with me please.  Another telling feature that would tell people that this is MY kitchen is the dispenser of Lysol wipes and antibacterial gel.  I may or may not have been described as a neat freak.  My kitchen also shows signs of compromise within a marriage.  Husband insisted that we needed a wine fridge although we dont really drink wine.  He uses it for liquor or beer so it is def getting used.  I guess it also frees up some of the valuable refridgerator real estate since I just HAD to get the swanky Euro model that barely fits anything inside larger than an orange. 

The piece de resistance?  The flower.  Kind of not real, maybe a little bit plastic.  In an ikea vase that is clear polka dot texture.  It says...I am colorful, kitschy, fun and still look good even if I am not perfect...I am a bit artsy and a tiny bit fartsy...I'm not rich but I still stand out and look cute doing it.  See:

xx kiddos


  1. I agree that I have to somewhat "own" the kitchen I cook in. I like choosing my own utensils, soap dispensers and even color of the kitchen sponge. And yes, with a marriage, there is a compromise. Sorry to hear about your measuring cup. I deal with industrial looking steel ones that my husbands insists on -- or until I can find a set I like.

  2. are they manly measuring cups? If you ever are so inclined, the expensive cups are at anthropologie and the prices/ selection may vary by now. The ones I ended up getting were decently priced at 12 bux at pier one. =)

  3. hi dd - i'm the same way about posting. i do a massive s-load, stockpile them and post them all at once.

    i have crappy plastic measuring cups that i'm too lazy and chea to replace. they came in a set from one of our wedding gifts....from 1995!

  4. i have a few extra sets laying around gonna dig them up for you! =)

  5. Funny. I have an old plastic measuring cup as well. I finally had to buy a glass Pyrex one.But I refuse to throw the old one away. to many good food memories. Man I think I need to go on that show on TLC for people who hoard kitchen wares.