Wednesday, February 10, 2010

RB&R fix (Red beans and rice)

Yesterday's rain brought several things along with it.  Nasty traffic, free sprinklers, and leaves on the streets.  It brought me the worst craving for creole food as well.  The worst.  I could not go get any food since I am made of sugar and would have melted in the rain, so I had to satisfy my craving by researching where and what I would order today with sunnier skies.  I decided to fill my RBR cravings at Bud's Creole Cafe in Tierrasanta.  This was my first time ever to frequent this joint in this location or its previous placement in Little Italy (or at least I think it was in Little Italy).  I had read the yelp reviews so I felt like I was prepared with my order.  The parking is of course sparse but I went after lunchtime so I found front row space. 

I walked in and all of a sudden, couldnt decide what I wanted! The reviews made it sound like this was the kind of place where the staff was very laid back and cool.  I kinda felt an annoyed vibe from the guy when I started asking about some of the menu items...and it didnt get better when I asked for a sample of the RBR and gumbo.  He only gave me the sample of gumbo in the end actually.  Still it was enough for me to decide that I was going to choose the RBR this time and wait on the gumbo. 

I ordered the red beans and rice platter with andouille sausage and caesar salad to go.  When I got my order, I was disheartened at the portion size.  It costed about 10 bucks for my food so I kind of expected a larger size container.  See for yourself:

So here is the order.  The bowl isnt very big despite the picture...the wooden surrounding area is actually a small tray, not a kitchen table.  The sausage was seasoned decently but wasnt very juicy IMO.  Plus I feel like that being an entree size, the sausage should have been more plentiful as well.  Also seemed to have too much rice versus bean ratio but that may just be my bias as well.  Flavor was good...creamy and nicely spiced with whole beans as well.  You can taste the fat from the hock that it was cooked in...but that is a gooood thing.  Overall, small portion was disappointing and too little bean/ sausage.  I knew it let me down when I didnt want to finish my when something is so good that you eat till your gut busts!

So in case anyone cares, this is the accompanying side of caesar salad.  It was just aight.  At least it had shavings of parm and the croutons were good.  I felt as if the lettuce tasted sad. 

Overall, it barely met my expectations...dont you hate that?  When you read so many good reviews about a place, see the menu and get excited, have a mean craving, and then the place falls short?  super sad face.  Plus I live or work nowhere near this place so I went out of my way.  Ok I will stop.  I may chalk this up to an off day...but I think I will seek out another creole place before my next craving hits...just in case. 



  1. Ugh. That's unfortunate. My eyes lit up when I saw it was near my place of work but I can't imagine spending $10 for a lackluster meal.

  2. Hey DD - I believe they were better when they were located in Little Italy. My meals since they've moved to Tierrasanta haven't been as good. On the good side, they use, or used to use pretty good ingredients, which accounts for the prices. Why in the world do you trust that four lettered "review" site???