Monday, January 17, 2011

South Beach Bar and Grill- OB

Do you miss the days of yore?  Of not having a care in the world?  Of lazy days and sticky fingers from candy or ice cream?  Today was a society sanctioned hooky day for me and hubby.  We went to go play in the sand at good old Ocean Beach.  Except I didnt go in the sand..I dont like getting dirty.  So we went to go eat at South Beach for tacos, although the original plan was Hodad's.  

Pros: ranch sauce on tacos, who knew the yummy factor?  Fried oyster/ calamari/ shrimp perfectly done, decent amount of non filler items inside the tacos.  
Cons: wahoo overcooked and dry... is it me or have the tacos shrunk in size? No shark meat available today.  It also took awhile to get the food today.  At about $4 a taco, I expect more senor south beach! 
Score: still love it, but it feels like we had a lover's quarrel somehow.  

p.s. it was like 75 today at the beach in good ole cali...hence the beer at 11 in the morning for the mister.  I never want to leave this place!!!!!

South Beach Bar and Grill website

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