Monday, January 17, 2011

Lighthouse Ice Cream & Yogurt- Ocean Beach

I so wanted to like this.  And its not that I didnt like it, I just didnt like it very long.  First few bites were heaven.  After that, the waffle gets cold and soggy.  Plus it wouldnt kill them to put some more ice cream in that bad boy.  Overall, not bad...just not great.  

Pros: nice concept, friendly staff, decent ice cream, many options for different ice cream/ dessert snacks, different waffle flavors
Cons: small serving, $3 for the small size is not equitable, gets soggy pretty quickly
Score: I am waivering between leaving it or giving it once more try...decisions!

1 comment:

  1. OMFG! We must have crossed paths!I was just there yesterday and posted on it today!

    Bert and I liked our waffle ice cream sandwich. We shared one but next time (if there is a next tie) I want my own!