Sunday, January 9, 2011

A&D Hawaiian Food- National City

If you havent been before, get off your butt and go.  If you have an Entertainment book, its in there for a B1G1 deal (no min purchase or stupid must buy a drink codicil).  I'm not going to mince words, the place could use a major rehaul decor wise and is borderline skeezy in cleanliness, but the food was awesome.  The salt and pepper chicken was piping hot with the perfect mix of peppers, garlic and onions.  We literally took the vittles and mixed the rice up into it.  The BBQ beef was tasty and tender.  The only thing I ddnt like was the onions in the mac salad...

Pros: S&P chicken is off the chain, cheap and good portions, coupon in the Entertainment book, friendly staff
Cons: on the not-clean side, order took a little while to come out but was piping hot so we didn't mind, parking limited
Score: Love it...the food, not the atmosphere...

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  1. i must have missed that coupon in the entertainment book. where exactly is this place? and i'm with you about those coupons - so much better when you don't have buy 2 drinks! i almost never buy drinks when eating out.

    and by the way, a lot of places in national city are on the "not-clean" side. it's de rigeur! not to be fkd up , but i'm just sayin'....