Monday, January 17, 2011

Funky Garcia's- Downtown San Diego

Date night with the mister led us downtown this weekend.  Along with meeting the great Michael Flohr Michael Flohr's Official Website and chatting with him for a spell, we bought some mustache things, tried on eyeglasses for moi, and grabbed some food.  Have you heard of this place?  I thought it looked fun so we checked it out, even though it was not on the Entertainment Book.  The bouncer was a riot!!! He convinced us to come in and even recommended a few things.  

Pros: bouncer was cool as heck, happy hour specials seem cheap, cool atmosphere, prices are on the low side for being in dtsd (down town san diego).  The chips were crunchy and good salty and table chipotle un-freaking-believable, like I'd want to drink it.  
Cons: basically taco shop food, our waitress was pretty much not interested in helping us, parking of course, and menu originality. The Al Pastor tacos were bad salty and the shrimp tacos only had one skinny shrimp on them w/ a pound of cabbage.  The other item we ordered was the Funky Roll...aka a skinny carne asada burrito sliced to resemble sushi roll pieces.  Guacamole usually makes me happy...but too runny to be really called guacamole.  Disappointing really.  
Score: I might one day eventually some time possibly check out a happy hour here...or if someone else is picking up the tab duh.

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