Tuesday, September 21, 2010

La Finca D'Adobe- Bonita area

5202 Bonita Rd
Bonita CA 91902

Hubby and I had driven past this place a few times and always said "I wonder if that place is any good".  Neighbor was a sport and indulged me on my whim while hubby was away on a certain TT (Taco Tuesday).  They advertise specials occasionally and parking lot seems welcoming.  Here is the interior:

Not sure it translates well in this picture but I adored the decor.  Come to think of it, it really doesnt show here at all.  Very southwesternish and not cheesy or faked southwestern decor.  Separate bar area.  Big menu.  

Fresh chips.  Decent salsa, but made on premises.  I am such a salt monster...especially crunchy chips.  

I got the carne asada steak with cheese enchilada, guac, beans and rice and accompaniments.  I think it was about 12 bucks or so.  Nice portions.  Steak was very tasty actually.  My beef loving neighbor loved it.  Took alot of it home but that is b/c I filled up on chips!

Neighbor's CAB aka carne asada burrito.  It looks sad b/c its all alone on the plate, but apparently it was filling and tasty.  It looked a decent size although I have seen taco shop versions here and there that are bigger.  Jam packed with meat though if you can tell....

Overall, I'd come back.  I want to bring hubsters here of course but I want to try their TT specials.  Service was attentive and for you sports freaks, a few sports things blaring on tvs at the bar.  

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  1. hi dd - this place is pretty good - love the decor there! it used to be an Italian place awhile ago, Palumbo's but then they went out of business. Prior to being Palumbo's, it was Brendory's, which was a Southern/Cajun place.