Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fiesta Cantina- Hillcrest

142 University Ave ste G
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 298-2500

Neighbor and I often do TT aka Taco Tuesday.  We tried out a new place so as not to tire of our usual regular spot.  This was the Fiesta Cantina...TT special is $5 AYCE tacos, chicken or carne asada or ground beef.  It comes with one serving of rice and beans as well.  Each person must buy a beverage however, but each drink during HH is buy one get one.  Come on an empty stomach.  Here is the ambience...can you dig it?

The waiters dont all go shirtless.  Just one of them on this day.  I wasnt complaining though =)

Here is a picture of the daily specials menu.  I get the feeling you come here more for the cheap drinks than the food however....And the eye candy.  

Nice portion size right?  I so wanted to like the tacos.  The meat was pretty bland and the salsa sucked.  Poop.  The beans were blah.  However the rice was flavorful and the only really tasty thing on the plate.  I didnt know that the beans and rice were a one time deal and thought that I had to "clean the plate" to get more tacos so I forced myself to eat it all so I could try the other tacos.  The things I do for you guys! I wasnt made aware that I couldnt get more rice until I ordered the second tacos.  I really wanted to try chicken so I ordered some of those.  

Dont they look good???  They werent.  Salty and dry tasting chicken.  Even neighbor didnt like them and there is rarely a beef or chicken that he wont eat.  It makes me sad just thinking about it.  

I wish I could report that the ground beef taco was any more tasty.  I will leave it at that. Sad times. 

This was my B1G1 beverage.  Watermelon martini.  Again, looks so divine, but taste fell short.  Plus I had two of these things to drink so I made neighbor drink the other one.  Life is so hard isnt it?  

Overall, I would come back but not for the food.  The food might taste better the more you get drunk.  Parking is hit or miss.  Seems to be a popular neighborhood spot.  Oh and beware of the bathrooms.  Co-ed.  


  1. That place is always packed when I go on my walks to and from Hillcrest. If I remember correctly, the food is cheap on Tuesdays. Since I'm not a fan over fighting over table space and the food isn't worth the time, I will definitely skip it.

  2. did this used to be baja betty's? it looks like it fromthe inside. i remember their tacos not being so good. went there with one of my GBF's last year. and yes, nice eye candy with all the fit gay guys.