Saturday, September 18, 2010

Guess who took a little hiatus...

I have a few semi-acceptable reasons why I have been MIA.  I thought we were on a break.  Its not you its me. I have been sick with what they call bronchopneumonia aka walking pneumonia.  Plus it was my bday.... Is that good enough?  Can we move forward?

I couldnt decide which mediterranean food place to eat after my thrift store shopping ventures failed today.  All I found was a lousy $4 wine rack.  Im not gonna lie, the cheap price signs drew me in like a moth to a flame.  Its basically a small middle eastern foods mom and pop supermarket with a few hot foods in their deli. Due to severe language incompatibilities, it took for-e-ver to order anything.  I just ended up going for a few of their beef kebabs.  Whopping total: $2.07 for three decent size kebabs and cucumbers and tomatoes on the side.  Plus I picked up some canned hummus for a special someone who loves getting my packages.

The verdict: I would come here again.  The meat tasted kind of gamey, was nicely cooked and the veggies were very fresh.  For basically 2 bucks.  Best deal in town.  

Athena Foods 
435 W. Main Street, El Cajon CA 92020

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