Monday, September 20, 2010

Craw Island- Chula Vista

509 Telegraph Caynon Rd
Chula VistaCA 91910

Ever since I moved past the 8 and the 15, I have missed the food choices around my new hood.  It is dearly lacking in flavor, health, flavor and options.  I have loved Crab Hut since the day we went for the first time, shortly after they opened.  Since its more of a pain to drive all the way over there and then do the parking fight in that tiny ass parking lot, I was so excited to try Craw Island which is basically a Crab Hut themed place.  They do offer a specialty that the OG Crab Hut doesnt--crepes and boba!   The place is pretty small but not tiny.  Parking is better than the OG predecessor.  Here is the poorly shot outside pic:

Modest place.  Friendly staff.  The station by the window is where they make the crepes.  I still think about those delicious things! 

Crab rangoons.  Served with a sweet tomatoey sauce.  I think it came with 6 to the order.  Adequate, not the greatest.  

But I didnt come for crab rangoons.  Here is the main squeeze.  More corn and sauage than crab hut.  However, the flavor just wasnt right on.  Missing something.  We got the mild but it was still spicy for my neighbor.  Spicier than I imagined mild would be as well.  I'd say nice try, but needs more work.  Plus the corn was overcooked.  No one likes mushy corn!

IMHO, this was the best part of the meal.  We got the nutella crepe with almonds.  Fan-freakin-tastic.  That is coming from a person who doesnt usually go goo-goo-ga-ga over sweet things.  Perfectly cooked crepe.  I could have had a second one to share or at least my own crepe with no sharesies.  

Overall?  I'd only come here for the crepes or in a "I need crab hut like the dickens but I just cant possibly drive all the way to convoy for it" kind of occasion.  Crepes anyone?  Nutella!!!! Ok I will stop.  =)

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  1. hi dd - we haven't been here yet - my sis went with her kids and they liked it, but then most kids love eating with their hands and getting messy. which is to say, most likely, my daughter would love it too! it's close to home as well.