Saturday, September 18, 2010

Counterpoint- Golden Hills

830 25th St
(between F St & E St)
San DiegoCA 92102
(619) 564-6722

I was supposed to come here once before but my plans had changed.  Since a friend of mine is good friends with one of the bartenders, it was inevitable that I would venture onto this place again though.  Location wise easy to find.  Parking is street only.  Neighborhood is kinda rough but also lots of beautiful older 1920s style Victorian and Craftsman style home too.  The interior is kinda cool decorwise as well.  We sat in the cool kids booth by the bar with a colored glass chandelier ball thing hanging high above.  Check it out:

Sorry for the yellowy pic.  Iphone does not have the best camera despite raving online blog reviews on the iphone 4 prior to my decision to take the plunge.  Large selection of beer and wines- no hard liquor guys.  Bar food with a twist menu.  We went on a Saturday night so no happy hour deals here.  

Pork sausage and asiago cheese pizza $14.  Very cheesy.  Good size portion.  I could have used a bit more sauce on the pizza myself but I love tomato sauce.  

Grilled cheese $10.  The bread apparently is baked locally at bread & cie.  Menu says almost a 1/4 lb of Cahills-Porter cheese, a dark Irish cheese.  The cheese has such an intense flavor and a large portion as well for the sammy.  It is served with cole slaw thing on the side.  It will definitely fill your grilled cheese craving.  

Pain Frites $6.  Basically, toasted "fries" of french bread, topped with melty blue cheese.  You dip it into this crazy concoction of champagne, honey and jalepenos.  Sweet and spicy basically.  Its definitely worth a try.  

The food is definitely guilty pleasure inducing.  Cheese galore, thick breads, and libations to boot.  =)

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  1. Ooh the pain frites look awesome! I love cheese and bread, I think this would be right up my alley. The sauce sounds really unique as well!