Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Greek Style Chicken- El Cajon

955 E. Main Street
El Cajon CA

I know that its not the most authentic of places to grab a gyro.  But dag-nab-it, I have a weak spot for this place.  The portions are pretty sizeable, their tzasiki sauce is one of a kind, and their gyro meat has never disappointed me.

Greek Gyro Burger $5 plus change (add some more change to get the cheese).  Very filling.  The burger patty might look thin but combined with the gyro meat, its a fine balance.  The cheese and the thousand island dressing on the bun might sound weird with the gyro meat but trust me, you at least have to try it once this way.  My only quip is that the iceberg lettuce gets soggy quickly as does the bun.  I wish they would toast the bun on the griddle a bit more...I'm sure they would oblige you if you asked but I didnt want to be a bother.  It also comes with one serving of the famous tzatziki sauce.  The bun seems like a standard issue bleached flour processed bun but it does the job.  I ate one of the pickle slices on its own and it has a very spicy brine on it.  Interesting.  

Onion rings $2 something for the small size which still gives you about 8-10 hefty slices.  More like a wet batter coating than a breaded coat.  The onions were cut way too thick and wide for my liking and the batter while crunchy, could have used more taste.  Keep in mind, I am very particular with onions and onion rings.  Hate the crunch...onions really have to almost melt once bitten into for me to be ok with them.  It works out for me about 50% of the time actually.  I have also ordered the fries and zucchini fries before.  Neither are really anything to write home about imo.  

Since I rave about the sauce, it felt wrong not to show a picture of it.  It has garlic, cucumber, yogurt and what tastes like sour cream???  I want to find out what is in this damn thing one extra sauce container costs 50 cents--that I know for sure! 

There is also another location off Graves where EC hits Lakeside.  Their gyro is also a generous portion as is their salad.  My boss raves about their chicken (their namesake) as well as their fish and chips.  You will just have to test that out yourself.  Now, as a reward for your loyal viewership I am going to share with you the secret I just found out today from the drive through lady. has coupons! I have been coming here for 3 years and never knew of any coupon so this is pretty big news.  Good thing I dont live closeby or else I'd weigh 500 el bees.  Ciao.  

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  1. I like getting gyros at the mall in El Cajon so don't feel too bad about it not being authentic enough :) The only place I've gotten a gyro burger is at this little place on University called Canada Steakburger - pretty good!