Sunday, January 17, 2010

NPP aka North Park Produce

After vowing not to go grocery shopping this weekend, I found myself yet at a grocery store.  This time, I checked out North Park Produce in Chula Vista after passing by the store several times while going to Costco and F&E before.  Obviously I bought some great cheap produce- tangerines, apples, collard green, red taters, tomatoes and cucumbers.  Why didnt I know that they also had prepared middle eastern food there?  I treated myself to Kebab Kafta plate from the prepared deli section.  It was a tossup between this and the beef stew over yellow rice.  Check out the pics:

So this is the closeup of the kebab.  It comes with two slabs of lamb/ beef mixture kebab off the stick and topped with a cream garlicky spread.  The lamb taste is pretty present in the dish but I enjoyed it.   I could have used some extra sauce on the side, but the guy wouldnt give me more.  Boo!  Since I dont eat alot of meat at one sitting, the plate lunch kebab I got will easily last me 3-4 meals.  Meat was not dried out or anything despite it being a solid piece of meat. 

Here is the yellow (saffron?) rice that came with the kebab kafta as well as a juicy roma tomato section that accompanied the dish.  Rice was a nice accompaniment with a light flavor and chewy consistency.  I couldnt really detect other major flavor components but then again, I'm not really that trained.  I wish they would have given more rice with the lunch pack.  Oh well. 

The prepared food section appears very popular there.  they madke other items such as shwarma, gyro, salads, baba ganush (the sample was very good), fresh salsa, baked on premise pitas and breads, tres leches cakes and pastries, roast chicken Lebanese style, etc.  If I would have been hungrier, I might have opted for something hot and fresh off the spit.  Plus, I noticed a coupon on the countertop on the back of their menu...who doesnt love a good coupon? 

On a completely unrelated note, does it make me a geek that I was shopping for 4 hours and all I bought was food, pillows, pills, discount Christmas stuff and a new pot and pan?  Gosh, either that or I am seriously getting old and domesticated!

Happy Eating...isnt there a game on right now? 


  1. I love the North Park Produce in El Cajon. It's my "go to" place more than a few times a week.

  2. I've never heard of this place (but know exactly where this is) and will have to check it out especially since I love Middle-Eastern food.

  3. hi dd
    i think their rice is too dry and the portion is way too small. i love their selection of international foods though.i don't have to drive to national city to get filipino vegetables ....