Monday, January 4, 2010

Dinin' in a Dive

In my work, I tend to go into the community during the day.  I drive by many a mom and pop store around lunchtime but never want to part with my hard earned money if it will suck.  I'm sure you guys have that place where you always drive by and wonder if that place is any good.  So goes my taste test at one such dive.  It did have an A grade on their window so I felt ok in giving it the old college try.  I did a beginner's bid and opted for carne asada tacos.  They have a grill outside and I would often drive by and see the meat being grilled outside au naturel.  Life is short, eat fresh tacos.  I wonder if I should copyright that...

Stuffed with meat.  Im not an extra meat kind of girl so I had to end up taking some out.  Lovely tortillas.  Can tortillas be lovely?  Soft with the right amount of chew.  The meat was decent taste, which was improved by the lime wedges they gave along with the tacos.  The guacamole was pretty tasty--subtle, not overly mashed, and generously dosed out.  They also had chicken or pork tacos btw. 

I love the red hot sauce.  Nice heat, more of a liquid sauce than chunky.  I took a pic of the red and the green but I preferred the red by a large margin.  The green was too tangy for me and not enough spiciness.  I ended up giving my green back and asking for another red.  The chips were generic store bought--zero cool points for that however.  At least they were free!

Here is a closer pic of the red sauce. 

Here is a snapshot of the grilled spring onions, limes and radishes that came along with tacos. If i liked onions it might have been welcome.   The radishes were surprisingly palatable--the ones i have bought in the grocery store have always been bitter. 

If my post inspired you to check it out, the place is called Fruti Mundo in Spring Valley.  Family run business it seems, but nice service from staff.  Tacos will run you $1.50 a pop and they have other items too like tortas, juices, smoothies, etc.  Cash only.

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