Saturday, January 9, 2010

Buffet time

It had been quite awhile since I went to a buffet of any kind.  My friend's 33rd bday led to an occasion to stuff our face family style at the formerly Crazy Savory Buffet on Miramar road.  I didnt take pics of the food but I did manage to take one final picture of the food.  This was the birthday special...note the cute bunny rabbit made from grapes? 

Buffet itself appeared to have 4-6 different stations.  I noticed the usual staples such as fast food chinese food dishes, a few sushi rolls, some seafood items like crawfish, boiled shrimp to peel, desserts.  Overall I only liked a few of the things I placed on my plate: sesame ball, this triangle shaped spicy crab roll, chinese veggies and clams.  I didnt find out about the crawfish until later but it didnt have seasoning on it so I was too lazy.  Oh well...cest la vie.  Would I come back?  Only if I had to for an occasion or had a bomb coupon to use. 


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