Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kim chee me please

No matter how old I am, I think my mom will always try to feed me and send me home with mounds of food.  In a lot of ways I am just like her since I like to take care of others and send them home with goodies as well.  This time, my sister came to visit me and brought over homemade kimchee for my fridge.  Momma makes the best cabbage kimchee...garlicky, spicy, and cut into ready to eat pieces! I dont think that I will ever be able to live up to my mom's standards as I have yet to try to make my own kimchee.  So in my blog feed, I caught up on a blog from a great food blogger Wandering Chopsticks who listed her top recipes from 2007.  Among them were lovely Kimchee Pancakes.  Like almost anything in this world, mine will be a little bit different from hers but along the same grain.  Here is a link to her wonderful recipe and food blog: Wandering Chopsticks Food Blog- Korean Kimchee Pancakes

I like a runnier batter since I dont like the cakey texture of the finished pancake.  I also throw in some korean beef ultimate secret weapon! My batter is a mix of AP flour, water, beef seasoning, kimchee and for this time- diced potatoes.  I usually put finely ground pork raw into the batter since it works well with the kimchee and almost everything else.  But since I'm trying to use up my chicken (I had defrosted a bunch of chicken since I thought my friends were coming for dinner yesterday and today but they ended up flaking), not wanting to go to the grocery store for one item, and wanting to eat less meat when possible, the potatoes were given a trial run today.  I also like to make my pancakes into palm sized circles versus a giant circle that gets sliced up.  If you are going to use onions, I suggest green/ spring onions.  I have also used enoki mushrooms partly for their look and delicate taste.  I forgot to take a batter picture so here is one in the pan: 

So I'm a fan of the crunchy edges.  The point isnt to make perfect Sandra Lee or Giada-like circles.  You want the ridges and the brown splotches on the surfaces.  You me.  See how the color of your ingredients manage to peek through the batter and paint the landscape anyways? 

And voila...this is a perfectly cooked Korean Kimchee pancake in my humble opinion.  Well, also 31 years of eating this stuff too.  Go make this stuff...just wear your frying clothes! =)


  1. 看看blog調整心情,又要來繼續工作,大家加油.........................

  2. hi DD,
    Yummy stuff. And you are soooo right about wearing frying clothes. Man, I cannot tell you how many shirts I have ruined while cooking.

  3. hi dd - the kimchee pancake looks pretty good! sadly, i've only bought mine from zion. i don't know anyone that makes it. well,i'm sure my korean students' moms make them but i'm not going to ask for it! : )

    by the way, you mentioned yokoz in a comment post to wandering chopsticks a while back...

    i was just there friday with my co-workers and please, please please, i beg of you, don't waste your money and time there!!!!

    yokoz used to be called yokozuna's. they've changed ownership as of last year and you can really tell the differences. their bentos cost more and have waaay less food. i mean, a miniscule scoop of rice (seriously) and maybe 3 or 4 forkfuls of kelaguen!

    you have to pay at the counter now. they've cut back on waitstaff. the service is much more slower. the sushi chefs are different. it's not the same vibe since the original owners left.