Saturday, November 13, 2010

Random eatings

Its funny how fast and slow time passes.  Ever since hubby came home, I cant quite recite what we have been doing but I'm sure we have done a decent amount of things and eaten even more.  So I'm doing the writing equivalent of a freewrite and unload a little bit.  Enjoy the madness. 

  • Maria Maria at Hazard Center is a gigantic waste of $ and eating time.  Even if their swankish ambience and Carlos Santana connection is supposed to be a draw, their food is lacking in flavor and heat
  • If you have a chance to go to a Chinese-Vietnamese style wedding dinner, do it.  On an empty stomach.  With an open mind.  My faves: cold meat platter with headcheese and jellyfish, sauteed lobster, chilean sea bass and peking duck.  Plus, you cant go wrong with the ever roaming bottles of Hennessey! 
  • We got K-BBQ fever and we dont want a cure.  This perfection of a lettuce wrap had a fat piece of pork belly, acorn jelly with soy sauce and one leaf of rustic kimchee.  If that wasnt over the top enough, the pork belly was dipped in my sesame oil/salt/pepper concoction
  • Chipotle is food from God.  Steak burrito with pinto beans, rice, meat, all 3 salsas, corn, cheese, sour cream and guac.  Lettuce on the side.  Gosh, I wish I lived closer than 20 miles from a Chipotle right now =(
  • Krispy Kreme had a free donut promo for military on Veterans day.  We may or may not have also bought a few extra ones as well as made another stop a few days later to pick up a hostess gift for a friend (and some for our house too).  Chocolate glaze sprinkle all the way yo!
  • Boba is only made perfect when paired with something sumptuous like fried chicken snack, medium heat.  Eating it with skewers only adds to the experience and the fried basil leaves are pure genius.  I cant think of a better snack when you want a little bit of sweet, salty, spicy, hot, cold and crunchy...
  • Sushi Deli is what it is.  Cheap, filling and better than alot of other sushi places that dont acknowledge their lot in the restaurant food chain.  But did you know, they also have a rainy day special?  If you come in during a wet day, lots of freebies! 
Sorry for the hodge podge.  xoxo

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