Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pho Van- El Cajon Blvd

4233 El Cajon Boulevard
San DiegoCA 92105
Before I became a homeowner, I rented.  I have lived in many parts of glorious SD including City Heights which is where we find our restaurant of choice.  There is an eating out policy I have. If you go to a certain kind of eating establishment, see a full house and most of them are of that nationality, you have come across an authentic sure bet.  Every time I come to Pho Van, I always see a good number of Vietnamese diners.  Plus my very Vietnamese friend and his family call this their go-to spot for pho take you even need any more assurances than that?  
I always order my pho this way...the fact that I am sharing my trade secrets with you demonstrates how serious I am about this.  I like my pho with brisket and tendon only.  I can eat beef anywhere, raw or cooked.  Im not a tripe person so thats a no-go for me.  You have to try the tendon and brisket here.  Plus they hook it up on the meat and herb portions.  Also, dont forget to ask for the sate sauce if you can handle a little bit of heat.  I dont mess with the hoison, sriracha or sugar.  Just sate, brisket and tendon.  
One more bit of advice, get the spring rolls...fried or fresh.  They are always piping hot or pliable depending on the version you order.  Either way, never a fail.  

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