Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mama's Bakery- North Park

4237 Alabama Street
San Diego CA 92104

Sometimes I wonder if my taste buds like to play tricks on me.  Seriously.  I have been looking forward to this place forever as it was on my list of places to try.  Hubby and I went last weekend and I was starving too when we went.  It wasnt expensive but the outside of the place made me think that it was going to be a cheaper eat than it ended up being.  Portion was decent so maybe that makes up for it?   

Overall I didnt care for this place too much (I'm sure I will hear many a surprised comment or two).  The meat on the shawarma was too salty for me and I didnt really like the texture although I dont really have a frame of expertise here to base this on.  The wrap was about the width of my fist and the length of my forearm (average girl arm/ hand measurements).  Strangely the wrap tasted better than the platter even though the meat was the same variety.  Hubby swears that theres is an unknown yummy herb in the wrap that is absent in the platter.  Maybe.  

The menu says the wrap contained steak, tomatoes, parsley, lettuce and tahini.  The tahini worked like a charm in the wrap...so much that I paid an extra 75cents to get a side of their tahini for the house.  When I tried it at home though, it didnt taste the same! Ughhhh.  

Now that I read the menu, I realize that I never got the basmati rice with my platter.  Hmph.  It might have changed the tone of this review since I am a basmati loving fool.  Sucks for them....  A good meat portion size but they plop it on top of the hummus which I dont like since I dont like food overly touching each other.  Hubby liked the pickles though.  I did enjoy the pita although the salad had way too much dressing.  

Overall, I might come back for another kind of wrap and a Lenin soda if you twist my arm.  Just sayin.  

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