Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pinks Hot Dogs- Knotts Berry Farm
Have you ever had one of those days where you continually chose the wrong route, answered the wrong call, picked the wrong thing to eat?  I tend to always order the wrong thing when I go to a new place.  Pinks, being legendary for their menu choices was one place where I didnt want to get it wrong.  Too bad I had a stomach ache from eating at one of the food stands inside Knotts and was still kind of full from that as well.  Then I kept changing my mind from selection to selection...bad news bears.  There went my Pinks experience.  But this is not to say that the other two people in my group didnt have a fan-freaking-tastic taste experience there.  

  • Selection 1: The Queen Terry Dog (cant seem to find it on the Pinks website by that name but it was named America the Beautiful dog on their site).  12 inches of jalepeno hot dog with thick cut bacon slices, pastrami piles, lettuce and tomato.  Divine actually.  The dog itself was not spicy.  This was an eat with a fork and knife act for sure.  
  • My choice: Coleslaw Dog.  Worst excuse for a hot dog ever.  By the time I got the dog, the coleslaw juice had mushed the bun so bad that I couldnt even eat it.  On top of that, the coleslaw was not very tasty.  I ended up just taking the dog out and eating only half of it since I was splitting with a friend.  Can I have my $$$ back please?  
  • Selection 3: Nacho Chili Cheese Dog.  Rave reviews from the eater.  Whats not to like, nacho, cheese and hot dog.  Next please. 
Of course I'd come back.  I wouldnt get the coleslaw dog even if they gave it to me for free but I want to come back for a re-do.  If only SD could get one of these joints...Pinks HQ, can you hear me?  


  1. Hi dd!
    How are you? I haven't had a chance to stop by for awhile now. Pinks is a true west coast cult classic for sure. But you should only get one thing on the menu and one thing only. The legendary chili dog!! Orson Wells once ate 16 in one sitting? And your wish might be coming true as Pinks is set to open up a place inside Harah's Rincon casino next week!!
    Happy holidays!

  2. FYI, a location of Pink's opened in Harrah's Rincon out in Valley Center.