Tuesday, November 30, 2010

McRib Ribbit Ribbit

A bit overdue so call this foodie review 999,999,999 of the infamous McRib.  Do you like the dramatic picture?  Its quite metaphoric for the mixed feelings (mostly bad) that I had for this sandwich.  I literally havent had one since high school or college so dont go doing the math and aging me.  It does seem like a no-fail idea right?  Soft bread, bbq sauce, fake meat...yum.  The meat felt...too artificial.  Like trying to eat a chicken nugget after seeing that article where it showed what the nugget meat looked like in a pink paste form in the factory.  At least mine had plenty of sauce and the pickles did add a little taste contrast.  Cult following aside, I wasnt a convert.  Sorry guys.  


  1. I've never had a McRib. Don't plan on having one, either. I think I'm in the minority.

  2. hi dd - had my first mcrib last month (at the mcd's on texas st/el cajon). i liked it, but not the pickles. i liked the spongy fake meat feeling. ha ha. had my 2nd one down south (mcd's at canyon plaza on telegraph canyon rd) - i think 2 is enough for me. never had 'em when they were new.

  3. Pickles and sauce can rescue almost anything. Almost. This one looks beyond help!!