Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday eats

Life is funny isnt it?  One minute you are arguing with a loved one, and the next, eating brunch with a friend who you hadn't connected with in awhile.  Its sometimes as if one incident happened to one person and the other, another.  Today was a day like that.  Actually this weekend has been like that.  Even retail therapy wasnt cutting the mustard all the way.  The only think that kind of helped?  Cooking and sharing.  Seeing the look on my neighbor's face as they taste something for the first time, from one person's home to another.  

In case you werent hungry yet, let me speed that process along for you.  Here is a snapshot from our m-eating at the Daily Grind Cafe near SDSU (I have posted on it before: Daily Grind Cafe- Original Post).  Since we didnt end up arriving till about 11, I decided to test out a lunch item.  In fact we all did.  I only took a pic of mine since we all got the same sandwich.  Take a peek:

This is the turkey, avocado and bacon club.  I havent had a proper sandwich in a while so this really hit the spot.  Nice and large sourdough bread griddled perfectly.  Swiss cheese inside with slices of tomatoes.  Not too heavy on the mayo or the lettuce.  Notice the fries?  They are spectacular.  I am normally a non-seasoned fry kind of chick ala in and out style, but these were tasty as all get out. They are wedge seasoned fries, perfectly fried and seasoned.  Kind of reminds me of a way tastier and less burnt KFC fry.  It was so big that I only ate half the sammy but I sure finished my fries.  Hey I gave some to my friend's kid...they were three large fries by the way! In fact, that picture makes me want to go eat the other half right now....=)

Then I came home with an itch to cook.  I guess I am trying to save $ and cook more at home.  I wanted quiche to free up room in my itsy bitsy freezer so I have been thinking of making a quiche for awhile now.  I also did not want to go to the market b/c I have a horrible habit of grocery shopping too often.  The innards of the quiche?  Edamame beans, shredded mozzarella cheese and sundried tomatoes.  I thought it might be a bit of daring combo but I'm a badass so I did it and didnt event think twice.  It came out rather nicely.  I used heavy cream to mix with the eggs so the egg came out creamy and rich.  My only faux pas- I should have used a few more eggs than the recipe indicated since it wasnt as tall as it usually comes out.  

Neighbors loved their first brush with quiche as well as the kare kare I made for them with baby bok choy and mussels (normally made with oxtails I believe).  I used a mix but I wasnt happy with it since I have been spoiled by my normal to-go place.  I can never eat packet cooking again for Filipino food! Neighbors were entranced by my version though so I guess all is well that ends well.  

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  1. edmame in quiche? That's awesome. I think I would also add some chunks of cream cheese in there, because for some reason I think edamame goes well with cream cheese. And man, that is one amazing sandwich...but the fries! They are cut really rustically. Love that!