Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Daily Grind Cafe- College area

Having a friend who went to SDSU comes in handy at times.  She stayed at my bed and breakfast this weekend and instead, we went to eat bfast at this little gem called Daily Grind.  She swears by it.  At first glance, I was skeptical.  FROM THE OUTSIDE, it looks small and quaintish (in a bad way).  Inside, the atmosphere is more like the old Craftsman house with their own unique traits and it was pretty full when we got there.  No wait though at 1030 Saturday, but my friend attributed that to SDSU being out for the summer.  They dont have an official web page that I could find but here are some of their particulars:

6695 El Cajon Blvd
(between 67th St & Montezuma Rd) 
San DiegoCA 92115


See what I mean?  It just looks like one of those older businesses that are around that neighborhood.  But take a trip inside, you will probably be happy you did.  

My friend got the eggs, pancake and 4 bacon combo but she only wanted them to give her 2 of them! Blasphemy! The eggs were very creamy tasting, bacon chewy and pancakes were of decent diameter.  Overall a very decent rendition of the classic eggs and pancake duo.  

As for me, I went with one of their 10 versions of eggs benny.  Mine was with corned beef hash and eggs with no runny yolk.  If memory serves me right, they also have a version with a sausage  patty, meatless, avocado, etc.  It comes with house potatoes (cooked to nice doneness but a bit bland in taste).  The bread could have been a bit heartier since it got mushy pretty quickly.  The hollandaise sauce was good (the best sauce I ever had was from this place in Virginia Beach).  The corn beef was probably the canned kind but I like that sometimes.  We ordered a side of fruit to break up the grease pockets in our food.  The fruit was very fresh and ripe.  

Overall, I'd definitely come back.  Maybe try another benny dish or maybe french toast.  Its pretty cheap overall.  On the board when you walk in, they list specials for the day.  That day, it was a 7oz steak with eggs for around 7 bucks.  Not bad these days my friend.  

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