Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fairouz Cafe- Point Loma

Fairouz Cafe Website
3166 Midway Drive #102 
San Diego, California 92110
Phone: 619.225.0308

A friend and I went here for lunch one Friday afternoon after she had eaten here once for their lunch buffet.  Who am I to disagree on a great review of lunch buffet for 8.99? Its on Midway in a small plaza on the east side of the street.  Its a relatively small place and has cool art work for sale and display on the walls.  The buffet looks like a pretty small selection but surprisingly, we were surprised by the variety as well as how stuffed we got.  Also, the manager was super nice and just so welcoming that it made you feel like you were old friends coming by for some QT.  On to the food...

Okay so I know the pictures are not swell and they certainly dont do the food any justice.  However, I only took pictures of the buffet items I or my lunch mate enjoyed.  The potatoes were flavorful, properly cooked but not mushy and had a tomatoey savory base.  The cabbage was a surprise with a nice lemony flavor.  The soup reminded me of asian porridge with the lemon incorporated in the soup base.  Would be great comfort food.  I went back for seconds on the potatoes and my friend went for seconds on the cabbage.  

The gyros meat was juicy and flavorful--only gripe was that the meat was shaved on the smaller side (not as pretty).  The chicken was lemony and fall off the fork cooked.  The tomato with eggplant has a KICK! If you cant handle spicy, stay away.  I liked it alot but I'm a pepper fiend.  Its served room temp I believe.

Last item: Bas Bas is a wheat, honey and yogurt dessert.  Intense honey taste, with a texture similar to cake/ muffin hybrid.  My friend loved it, but I have a love hate honey relationship.  They also have fruit and yogurt in the dessert area.  Generic desserts.  I was hoping for more of a nice dessert variety.

My only quibble about this place was that they let the bins get too low so you would sometimes end up with the bits and pieces on the more popular items.  To be fair, it was lunch time so maybe thats why it was harder to keep things replenished.  They had a fair assortment of teas as well.  If I had more money I seriously would have walked away with a piece of art from the walls.  They also sell simple made jewelery on site as well.


  1. Hmm, a Greek buffet! That sounds pretty interesting. Did they have pita bread? It's nice to see a variety of buffets (instead of just Chinese).

  2. hi dd - cool, i'll have to check this place out. we just went to a greek buffet ourselves, zorba the greek in chula vista - the west side of cv, on broadway. $8.99 lunch buffet!

  3. Looks like a perfect place for a winter meal!

  4. the soup especially would be soothing in the winter...like lugao! (did i spell it right?)

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