Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bonnie Jeans's Soul Food- San Diego

You have probably driven by here a dozen times and not bothered to go it, didnt really notice it, etc.  I know since I was in the first category...until today.  The other day, one of those restaurant coupon sites had a special with this place and I finally had a reason to try it.  My co-worker egged me on with her praises of this place so I caved.  Their website is on hiatus currently but just google it in a few days.  Off the bat, it had one strike- it didnt open on time.   They dont open till lunchtime on the weekdays so I timed that shizz.  The wait for the food took about half hour but I can tolerate some of that since I had skype, an iphone 4 and not too big of an appetite.  Plus I had visions of delicious soul food running through my head.  

This is the interior.  A random collection of tables.  I should have taken a picture of the one I was sitting on since it was red, white and blue with yellow cushions in the form of a picnic table.  I was a fan of the chandellier in the back of the restaurant myself.  They also sell a few hallmark-ish novelty items in the front area i.e. bookmarks, tshirts, frames, etc.  

Fried chicken basket.  It came with a thigh and a drumstick.  Freshly fried with a very light interesting skin.  Not as thin as panko but way less dense than like KFC/ Popeyes style.  I was tempted into eating the skin, which i never do.  I liked it with my hot sauce alot.  

I ordered the cole slaw with it.  Another interesting variation.  They added tomatoes and red onions to the slaw mix.  I am going to copy the tomato idea for sure.  It was mayo based for sure but the tomato definitely helped cut the creaminess of the slaw.  The only mark against it?  The cabbage was browning a bit...even the mayo cant hide that.  

The other item we got was the hot links platter.  I have to preface this with strike 2.  They didnt have ribs!  Apparently they were getting ribs in later today from the market....that was the one thing I was craving when I planned to come to this place.  So I opted for hot links since its still pork.  Decent flavor.  Sadly, it just made me crave ribs more since the bbq sauce was pretty freakin tasty.  The collard greens are damn good...not bitter or too vinegary.  Strike three you ask?  They gave me the wrong sides.  I asked for mac and cheese, not the greens.  But since I ended up liking the greens, I'll stay quiet.  The red beans and rice in the corner?  Decent.  Not the best.

Overall, I would come back sometime.  I already know what I want too.  Ribs plate with collard greens, mac and cheese, and either fried pickles or green tomatoes to start. Who's coming???? 


  1. I had a pretty fun experience when I was here. The fried mac n cheese balls are pretty good too...

  2. hi dd - ooh, i've been wanting to go back to bonnie jean's again. did a post back in march last year. we tried going again but they were closed (it was a sunday)! boo.

    i liked their fried catfish. i want to try their ribs and their friedchicken.

    loved the vibe in there - very down home. lots of boardgames and things for people (and their kids) to do. nice lady that worked there too.