Saturday, October 9, 2010

Goody's Deli- National City/ Mile of Cars

340 W. 26th street, Suite E
National City, CA 91950

Say what you will about social networking site i.e. facebook.  It made the probable creator into a billionaire, which I want to be so freaking bad.  It has reconnected long lost friends, reunited family members, allowed people to stalk on others anonymously, helped people market their inventions/ businesses, etc.  Through FB, I caught glimpses of this awesome looking sushi rolls via a friend's post and stopped in last week to check it out myself.  

Its located in an industrial-ish building tucked behind In and Out near the National City Mile of Cars.  Thanks to the greatness that is mapquest, I got lost immediately but was able to find my way relatively quickly.  Coming into the restaurant, you will see that it is on the small size.  But the staff are welcoming and make you feel like you have been coming for years! .They havent been open that long so I dont know if there are other plans decor-design wise.  The menu features salads, sushi/ sashimi, sandwiches and other items.  

For the sake of integrity, I will mention that when I walked into the deli, the sushi chef/ owner looked very familiar.  After some small talking, we realized that there is a very good chance that we know each other and definitely have alot of mutual friends between us.  But I also saw how they greet and interact with several other customers while I was trying to narrow down my choices and its clear that they love what they do.  No bitter bettys here!

Shots from the area directly in front of the cashier and sushi counter.  Simple operation but efficient.   Only took a few minutes to get my 2 rolls and side salads.  It actually took me longer to  pick my rolls than to get my food lol.  Food specials on the board.  

 Side salad with their fresh made dressing.  Citrus, ginger and creamy.  Love it.  I wonder if they sell it separately?  Seriously.  I ordered two rolls, one with spicy tuna, red fish eggs and yellowtail and the other with spicy krab, albacore and seaweed salad.  I know one of the rolls was the Al Bundy but I cant remember the other roll's name for the life of me.  Fresh fish for sure.  Creative rolls.  Average price seemed to be between 8-11 bucks a roll.  The rice was not too heavy or vinegary and good ratio to the fillings.  Nice size rolls as well.  I also heard the next customer rave about the sandwiches there...They are about 5 bucks each with choice of chips/ fries so it sounds like a good deal. Just look at their FB page to see more pics of their offerings....i couldnt find an online menu with descriptions for you guys to see.  

Warning, they do take the customary 2 hour closing between lunch and dinner to prep for the night rush so dont come between 230 and 430/5.  Parking is more than plentiful.  They have at least a few things on special according to their board and facebook wall posts.  We will be back....part deux.  This place could seriously be on the sushi rotation for me along with my other die hard place! 

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