Saturday, October 9, 2010

What do you keep in your fridge?

Every weekend I methodically prepare for the next week foodwise.  No more dirty dishes in order to have clean glass tupperware and reusable water bottles for the work week.  Prepping staple items to keep in the fridge.  Grocery shopping only if necessary since I am trying to eat down my pantry and freezer lately.  The most time consuming part of this process however is cooking my breakfasts and dinners for the week.  I love having soup for bfast several times a week, my favorites being scratch made tomato soup with whatever is in my fridge for veggies, meat or pasta inside and korean seaweed soup. Sometimes I will make pasta for the week.  Sometimes, grilling up the meat for the week.  I loved having cubed watermelon and cleaned/ sliced berries ready to take and eat as well.  Take a look:

Bottom row: kimchi, tofu, uncooked corn tortillas, guac, russian pickled tomatoes, and my famous water bottle.  Middle row: brown rice with leftover 1/2 trader joe's chile relleno (so good and only 300-ish calories), leftover afritada and rice, asian pears, edamame, quiche that I had just made and portioned, homemade tomato soup with ravioli and kale and corn chowder.  Top row: soymilk, vitamin water, club soda, day and night allergy meds, leftover chocolate sauce from claim jumpers, and ketchup.  What is in your fridge?

If you looked today, you would find also 6 broiled potatoes, 5 boiled eggs, korean seaweed soup, homemade fettucine alfredo with broccoli, columbian vegetable sides, leftover chocolate cake from cheesecake factory, and a side salad.  Happy eatings...

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