Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Mission- North Park

2801 University Avenue
San Diego CA 92104

Today I want to talk about friendships.  Friendships need maintenance, agree?  Friendships need attention and care, agree?  Friendships need to feel satisfying, no?  I value my friends.  I like my social circle, but I value my inner quorum alot.  If you are in the juicy middle, I will love, spoil, trust and give you attention like no other.  Similarly, if you stab me in the back, there is almost no recourse for any kind of making up or getting back to where we used to be.  At the risk of jinxing myself, I love my girls! 

The girls and I went to brunch with one honorary girl (friend's bf) last weekend.  Seeing as how I live the farthest, I had to of course sojourn over to NP (north park) to join the others.  We chose Mission frankly b/c it is known for being cheap and good.  Word of advice?  Go early or be prepared to wait.  I went at 9 on sunday and it was a short wait but when we got out at like 10 it was a packed house with about 15 people waiting outside and at least 10 more inside waiting around.  Parking is straight up curb parking which can be easy or impossible depending on, well, your luck.  If you want to sit, you better make sure your entire party is there with you b/c they are sticklers for this rule.  Trust me, I had to wait 20 minutes since I was the first one there.  

Soy Chorizo & Eggs $8.50
Soy Chorizo scrambled with eggs, served with black beans, cheese, chipotle cream and tortillas

This is what one of my friend's ordered.  She has had it before so she obviously likes it.  The beans were kind of bland but otherwise cooked nicely consistency wise.  The dumb thing about this plate is that salsa is not included and that you have to pay extra for it.  Ugh.  Dont get me started on restaurants upcharging for condiments i.e. a buck for sour cream, buck fifty for 2 ounces of salsa, etc.  They even charged her extra to add a few extra sauteed tomatoes to her plate.  It had to be less than a small roma tomato but I cant remember how much she got charged.  Tortilla looks like a reheater.  Eggs were cooked nicely.  The portion size was plentiful with enough to take home too.  

Mission Rosemary $6.75
Crispy rosemary potatoes, scrambled eggs, sautéed tomatoes, and grilled rosemary bread.

My dish.  I have been somedays opting to be meatless just for digestion and chewing reasons.  Gosh that makes me sound like an old toothless gaseous patheticon doesnt it?  I asked for my eggs soft scrambled...yum.  Perfectly done, not too runny.  It did benefit from a little bit of salt if I am being honest as did the rosemary taters.  I was glad to not have eaten a raw potato and had nice char to them without tasting like the grate on a dirty bbq.  The tomatoes really shouldnt even be added on the menu as a highlight since there was very little of it and didnt really have too much flavor anyways.  The bread.  Disappointing.  I am a bread lover, the more rustic sounding the better.  I felt the bread was too soft and didnt have enough chew.  The portion was generous and they have their own jam here...some kind of berry mix.  Not overly sweet either.  Still, the bread broke my heart.  

Chicken Apple Sausage and Eggs $8.95
Chicken apple sausage is lightly sautéed, served with crispy rosemary potatoes, grilled rosemary bread, and eggs as you like them.

The other two friends got this plate.  Its a good amount of food.  I wont talk about the eggs, bread or taters since I just covered it.  The sausage is nicely cooked.  The pic makes it look burnt but I dont recall anyone complaining about burnt food so I'm sure its a lighting blip.  I rather like the way the light hits the corner of the plate in almost a sunday afternoon kind of way.  My friend took home a sausage and half her taters home btw in case that interests anyone.  

I'm just gonna go ahead and say that this is probably the most awesome pic in this entry.  I dont know if you agree, but the bacon just is screaming to be eaten.  It was perfectly cooked, thickly sliced and perfect combo of salt and sweet that bacon should be.  Not too fatty but not that I would complain if it was.  That is part of the reason why you eat bacon...duh! If you can see in the left corner, this is the other chicken sausage breakfast that was ordered.  Stacks pretty high right?  A small population of you might notice the beer on the right corner of the pic.  Friend's bf stated that it was the weekend and he could drink if he felt like it.  This is a side order of bacon btw.  I think it came with 4 slices but if not, it was at least three.  Couldnt tell you the price of adding a side of bacon...but if it spoke to you the way it seems to do to me, it might be hard to pass on next time.  

All in all, a decent haul for sunday brunch.  For 4 of us adults with one beer, one oj, and one mocha milkshake (dont ask), the damage was like 52 bucks before tip. They offer alot of healthy dishes as well...apparently we are a bunch of gluttons though.  

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  1. i've always wanted to try this place. i have a coupon too but i think there are 3 locations....