Sunday, October 18, 2009

Grocery overload

My accountant is going to be sorely disappointed in me.  Something happens when I start seeing food shows, magazines, store ads, etc.  I get very grandiose and have an urgent need to buy massive quantities of ingredients for meals that will most likely be for one plus lefties.  I somehow spent my grocery money for the next 2 weeks in 1 hour today.  Moving grocery/ menu plans for the week:
- Kale and White Bean soup with potatoes and corn (adapted from Food Network magazine)
- Eggplant Stacks (from Costco), canapes, salad on a stick, and homemade banana bread with chocolate chips
- Falafel gyros with my rough and tough tsaziki sauce
- Quiche with mushrooms, parmesan, and kale (maybe salmon as well)
- Steak with onion rings and asparagus

Pics to come on the various meals after they come to fruition.  Did I really do NOTHING at all today?  The only good news I got today was that my Wii Fit age is 35--not bad considering that I'm only a few years younger than that in real life. 

Food craving for the day: banana chocolate chip bread.  Yummers.

Does anyone else read Postsecret every Sunday?  It really is a phenomenal idea.  I am crediting their website with this image below that was just so touching. 

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