Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Fortnight's Update

Starting the post with some bam for your face! This is my take on a chile verde burrito I had at this really good taco shop.  Lean pork loin cubed and simmered in salsa verde on low.  Brown rice.  Leftover taco shop refried beans.  Toot toot! My fave part?  The pan fried potatoes and cilantro.  Yummo. 

I havent blogged in a few days but for very good reason.  Major issues with my home secuirty system needing adjustment, vamping and monitoring.  Seems to have been fixed but whooo-eeee.  Major drams.  Thank goodness for good friends who came to help a sister out.  I still miss my hubby horribly and to compound matters, the phone lines have been down where he is on his business trip.  I just have to keep reminding myself to stay busy and regular. 

Things at work are crazy.  With the economy changing, the upper-ups at work are busy keeping us in a state of frenzy--will we be able to keep our job?  If so, what more will we be expected to add to our collective work plates?  Common sense says, be grateful you have a job.  Be grateful you are paid.  Be grateful dangit.  So I will try to focus on the positive.

Food craving today: potatoes (already handled)

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