Monday, October 19, 2009

Bartering in 2009

In the days where all you can do is close your eyes, cover your face with your hands and sigh, something can still come along and brighten your day.  Today, that something was knowing the happiness I would give my friends by cooking a 3 course meal for them in my home in exchange for the happiness they would give me in exchange for bagging up some lawn debris in my backyard.  It really doesnt take much sometimes.  Truly.

Today's menu? Eggplant stacks on top of whole wheat pasta, bacon wrapped asparagus, crusty bread of the whole grain variety, salad on a stick and topped off with chocolate chip banana bread. 

This came out super good.  It helped to throw the dish under the broiler for the last few minutes to crisp up the pork.  Also, somehow therapeutic to roll the strips around the stalks. 

For my first time making this, it came out pretty damn good.  Edges came out crusty, inside super moist.  My intentional design on the top of the bread was from cutting diagonal slices off the extra banana and alternating them on the top of the bread mixture. 

Kinda blurry but the whitish area is where the decorative slices of banana almost melted but not quite.  Put in a few extra chocolate chip morsels can never have too much morsels.  Dang I kinda wish I hadnt sent the extra bananas home with my guests so that I could have baked another one this weekend!

When I make this again, I'm going to play around with the components a bit.  Nonetheless, it might be a good idea for making kids eat veggies, make salad a party friendly menu item, etc.  Dressing was the store ranch version from one of the organic markets du jour.  Dressing was definitely not my fave in the least. 

So with these pictures, I am flitting off to bed.  If you are reading this out there, feel free to drop a line, emoticon, sound wave, something?  Food crave for the day: carne asada fries. 

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