Saturday, February 26, 2011

Red Bean and Custard Sweet Griddle Cakes at 99 Ranch

Ive been to 99 Ranch roughly a hundred times in my short life.  I usually prefer the K-markets b/c it reminds me of my heritage and the selection is better/ cheaper for my korean ingredients...or the Vietnamese markets for the awesome price points.  However, 99 ranch is awesome totally in its own right.  The one in SD has also several small shops/ restaurants under the same roof including the eye doctor I have frequented, a vietnamese deli, a jewelery store, a makeup store, a funnish Hello Kitty kind of store, and two decent and well known Chinese restaurants.  I have also seen this little lady who operates a little stand that makes little round treats that are best described as round spheres of batter filled with either red bean or custard creme.  Each one is 60 cents and part of the fun is watching her make them.  B/c I adore you guys, I secret-agent style took some pictures of the action.  She may have heard the first flash b/c the iphone will not be silenced so easily, but i muted and unflashed for the rest of the pics.  

The verdict?  It was ok.  Like anything that you build up so long, it was bound to disappoint.  Husband didnt know these things existed and therefore loved it when he tried it.  At 60 cents, I dare say that you can afford to go get your own and opine on your own.  xoxo


  1. I'm sorry these disappointed but they really do look divine! I've never been to 99 Ranch before...I'm certainly going to keep a look out from now on though. :)

    Have a lovely weekend my friend!

  2. Just from looking at them, they don't look too good. I can only remember my favorite Mr. Bean pancakes from they were freaking good. I liked the one with cheese in it.