Monday, February 21, 2011

Forgot about these...

As I type this, several things are running through my mind.  I love food, I miss my husband (away for a few days), I'm hungry again, and I love GLEE.  Glee just makes me feel better no matter how crappy my day is.  Ryan Murphy is a genius and I wish I had my glee squad around to make me feel better every day! Back to the star of the show...

 $2 Fish taco special.  Larger than usual size taco on a nice corn tortilla.  The fish reminded me of fish and chips standard fare.  The taco didnt have as much of the toppings/ sauces that I like such as cabbage, slaw, or sauce.  Just a pico de gallo which was forgettable.  But for 2 buckaroos?  It could be worse...

 Neighbor got three carne asada tacos.  Somehow the marinade didnt hit a home run with me.  Again, $2 each with the purchase of one drink (I think).  Sometimes, its not good to take too long to post b/c small details get lost in the wind.  Some guac would have been nice or even some shredded lettuce.  

Cheese fries.  Just meh.  It was also on sale happy hour prices.  Thats all I have to say.  

***Parking is awesome and you get a view of the glam National City harbor.  We got to eat at the table with the fire pit outside that has the cool glass rocks that keep you moderately warm and lit up.  They also had HH drink specials.  


 Sourdough bread, turkey, avocado, sprouts, tomatoes and cheese.  Just meh.  I think it was the Californian sandwich.  Also came with pasta salad...more on that later.  

 Isnt the sticker so cute?  Moving on.

 Husband's reuben. He liked but not loved it.  He usually loves reubens so that was ominous.  It is one pretty sandwich though isnt it?  

Alright this is the interesting part.  Their pasta salad tasted like a ranch sauce...a different take on the traditional deli salad.  Also seemed to have some kind of cheese on top.  Al dente pasta as well.  Not bad my friend.  

***Mind you, it is tucked in an industrial part of El Cajon, so it might have office kind of hours and parking was spotty.  You also risk the usual corporate lunch rush as I had to wait about 15 minutes for my order.  Friendly staff btw.  They also seemed to have some delish specials such as lasagna on a stated day of the week.  Lmk if you have tried any of their non sandwich items...


 Portugese sausage breakfast plate.  If you like sausage, you have to try this.  The eggs tasted like eggs, home fries like home fries.  But that sausage....

 Outdoor seating.  I just love these cement garden mosaic tables...

 Literally on the Gillespie Field airport grounds.  This is what you can see if you eat outside.  One poor mom nearby had to drag her screaming son home b/c he was in love with the planes flying by and refused to leave.  

Sausage gravy and biscuits.  Not the best but pretty tasty.  Nice portion size too.  I personally like the more rustic home potatoes style, not the shredded potato action.  

***Im glad I used a coupon for this place.  Its nice to try out new places that you wouldnt drive 20 minutes out of one's way to save a few bucks, test the food and scout the locals.  

Peace out home skillets...its off to bed for this girl! =)

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  1. Now why is it that I simply cannot get into Glee? I love American Idol so you'd think I'd be a fan, right?