Saturday, February 26, 2011

Los Carbones Taco Shop- San Ysidro

After a morning of busy bargain shopping at Las Americas Outlet, my credit card was wincing and my stomach was a-grumbling.  Across the street from the outlet, we saw a sign for 99 cent tacos and I was like a moth to fire.  This is gonna be a short but to the point post but overall, I would definitely come back here again.  Case in point:

 This is the sign that drew me in.  Do you blame me?  Plus we were STARVED.  

 Pictured is the 99 cent fish taco with the soft corn tortilla and the potato taco in the background. The tacos were definitely not like a street taco size and pretty hefty in size.  Fish fillet was nicely fried flaky white fish of some kind and a decent size overall.  It also had pico and cabbage.  Could compete with any other fish taco out there and blows 99 cent tacos out of the water... The potato taco is made of like mashed potatoes filling.  The size is also generous.  What I was most surprised by was that for a fried taco, very little grease factor! I love that about this taco.  It also is filled with iceberg and shredded cheese.  The carrots were offered at the salsa bar that I didnt take a pic of.  The two red sauces in the bar are awesome by the way, the green did not sampled unfortunately.

The ubiquitous carne asada fries.  Hubby and I love these things but we only let ourselves order it once every month or two.  I liked that they use skinny fries but I didnt like the fries themselves. The beans are part of the fries but I asked for it on the side.  I wasnt a fan of the beans but I will let you sample them on your own.  The carne was nicely seasoned and tender and I could have used more guac, but I am a guac monster.  I could seriously just eat a bowl of it with a fork...even without the fork actually...sssshhhhhh dont tell.  At about 6.50, it was in a medium- high price range for this kind of food item.  I wont get this again, but mostly because I need more of those tacos asap.   

Another interesting observation- I happen to catch a glimpse of their california burrito at the counter and gosh dang dilly, that sucker was hefty.  It actually had me wishing I could measure it up against my forearm to size it out, but I dont have the cajones to ask a perfect stranger if I can borrow his burrito for a second.  Other people tended to order tacos, saw some tortas, and quesadilla.  

We will be back.  Go check it out!! =)

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