Saturday, June 5, 2010

Still no pictures but if you can use your imagination...

Dear hubby still hasnt uploaded my food adventures pictures from his camera so I cant share my vacation eating with you quite yet.  Phoooey.  Eating vacation style is fun for a few days but then I start to miss my own favorite comfort foods.  Since I've returned from my vacay, I have been cooking up quite a storm.  My camera situation is going to be improved a few notches next week when my IPHONE comes in! I am so excited I cant stand it.  I've fought every impulse to get this phone, using every excuse in the book such as too expensive, dumb plan, better deal in the future, dont need it, cant afford it, its just a phase, etc.  Ever since ATT announced their plan to get rid of the unlimited data plan, I was forced to essentially poop or get off the pot.  So I did it. And with some careful application store picks, my monthly cell phone bill should actually drop by 5-10 bucks from my tmobile plan.  I will also get a way better camera and faster phone in the process.  

So back from my tangent.  If you are hungry, my next few sentences wont help one bit.  The last week's cooking adventures shaped up to be like this: korean seaweed soup, super egg scramble with spicy turkey sausage, tomatoes and potatoes, seaweed salad with krab, korean soy sauce eggs with beef brisket, soy milk and berry blend smoothies,etc.  This offset by leftover grill foods courtesy of some good friends and some takeout Filipino food of sisig and kare kare.  Those are two of my favorite items from that cuisine, tied only with the dish that I suddenly cant recall the name of (taro leaves in coconut milk and a little bit spicy) and pancit palabok.  Those are the Filipino dishes I look for when I get takeout at the bakery near my house every 3 months or so.  Even if the aunty in charge there is not nice at all!

Today, I cooked up a storm too.  Partly to save money for the coming week eats as life was too costly for me in the past few weeks what with the iphone and paying for study related items.  Mostly because I am procrastinating my studies for part two of my licensure exam.  Dammit....why is it so hard to make yourself want to study????  So my cooking today consisted of blueberry and blackberry chocolate chip muffins, potatoes and green beans in curry sauce, tomato soup with triple cheese raviolis, vietnamese egg meatloaf as well as prepping fruits and veggies for the upcoming week.  Most of the items have healthy substitutions inside i.e. low fat sour cream in place of heavy cream for the soup, no meat in the curry dish, muffin mix base was Fiber One brand, used only 1/3 of the recommended meat in the meatloaf and added extra vegetables in lieu of, etc.  However, my meatloaf didnt come out exactly as hoped as I had the wrong kind of fish sauce and didnt put enough salt in the egg mix.  It will still taste good with some hoisin sauce and rice though....

Happy weekend ya'll.  Remember to reduce your water usage and recycle recycle recycle.  The planet is showing signs of wear and frankly, we have had enough bad news/ devastation/ loss in the world lately....


  1. hi dd - that filipino dish with taro leaves and coconut milk is bicol express. there's hot peppers in there too.

    i betyour blueberry and blackberry choc. chip muffins taste awesome. i still remember that banana choc. chip bread you made! yum!