Sunday, May 30, 2010

Its been awhile....

since my last blog but it was for good reason.  Finally got to see my husband as he is in the service and on isolated deployment.  Two weeks with him was me going back to normal, back to my baseline, back to basics.  It wasnt a euphoric hyper romantic getaway but it just felt like I could forget that he hasnt been here for the past 6 months.  Coming back to reality also meant coming back with a slightly renewed and altered vigor.  Back to crunching down on the spending, my bipolar food intake, and working on the second part of my career goals.  Part of that will be to expand the focus of my blog from time to time.  Im going to now include items on cool new technological items, random blippets, and also will be trying to expand my cooking repertoire.  I am trying to grow as a Korean cook, learn some other new dishes and one day buy a better camera than my handy dandy G1.  

Are you along for the ride?  Give me a minute and I'll be right back.