Thursday, June 17, 2010

What would you do?

The other day, I made a new friend.  In the same day, I lost my new friend.  I was on my way to a client's house in the middle of a not so nice area and saw a little black furball trotting along the sidewalk.  It looked obviously homeless and downtrodden.  I couldnt resist so I pulled over to try to look for a tag on its neck or something.  The dog gave me chase and ran down the street.  I jumped in my car and followed it around the corner, where it ran under a car.  If you know me, you know I like to always be prepared.  So this should come as no surprise that I had a bottle of water, dog bowl and dog food in my trunk.  The only thing I lacked was a dog leash.  I began by throwing pieces of kibble at the dog to lure her to me.  Eventually she let me come close enough to sit about 3 feet away from her.  Poor thing was mangy, either pregnant or been massively overbred, half blind with a funky ear infection.  Saddest little face ever.  I called animal control to ask them to come pick up the dog in case it had a little microchip under her skin.  They told me that they wouldnt have anyone out there for at least an hour...I did not have an hour since I was running late!  So I took the little pupperoni with me on my first visit with a client...ha.  She only wanted to stay wrapped up in this fleece blanket I keep in my car and only wanted to stay on my lap.  After the meeting I took the dog to the Bonita shelter...where I was promptly told that this dog was "out of the jurisdiction".  Since when is a dog out of someone's jurisdiction??? What is the world coming to?  They advised me to call National City's animal officer...who then informed me that there was no available officer until the following morning.  I was advised to drop the dog off at the Chula Vista shelter before they closed.  Another couple hours later, the dog was safely turned over to the shelter personnel...but not without an almost tear from old softie over here....

Does anyone else have crazy dog love?  What is the silliest thing you found yourself crying over?


  1. Hey DD - That was very nice of you! We once chased down a stray running down Artesia Blvd in Gardena. She was a sweet mutt. But we already have two mutts of our own. We took her to the Gardena animal shelter, and made them promise to call us if either the owners were never found, or she was not adopted. We also posted photos on our blog. Luckily, once the waiting period was over, she was adopted out quickly.

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