Saturday, August 7, 2010

San Diego Desserts *update only*

I went there recently for a study sesh and found out some new things I want you guys to know about.  You can always go back to my archives for my previous posts on this place.

  1. They have free wifi
  2. They do party bus trips to a winery in Temecula every so often along with the stay-cation days at the store with themed food nights
  3. Its a dog-friendly atmosphere if you eat in their decent size patio area
  4. They take mac and cheese up a notch in chicness.  They make theirs in a white cheese sauce, dont use shells or regular elbow pasta (my guess is a rigatoni pasta), and they....use duck.  Duck Confit Macaroni and Cheese to be exact.  Its rich, not oily, the duck was a good balance of fat and meat, and  a perfect size portion.  It goes very well with #6 FYI.

  1. They have happy hour deals for food and alcohol.  
  2. They have awesome truffle and parmesan cheese fries.  Shavings of salty parm.  Truffle oil.  Shoestring fries perfectly fried and balanced.  


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  2. I've only been here for dessert, but that mac n cheese looks really good! I love fries with parm on them, too. I might have to come back here and try out the dinner sometime.

  3. you didn't have any desserts there? i have a coupon for this place and that is the only reason i want to check it out. :) coupons rule.