Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Heaven Sent Desserts- North Park

I have been waiting for my friend to send me the pics...hence the delay on this post.  First time visitor to the joint.  Here is their website:  My gripe of course is parking.  Its not a convenient place to try to park nearby as it is literally on the corner of University and 30th...between the pedestrian walk, fire lanes, bus stop and that its a major intersection, parking right in front is buyer beware.  Prices range from about anywhere in the 3 dollar range to 8 dollar range for a single dessert.  Apparently they serve coffee and tea as well but we didnt mess around with liquids...strictly dessert time folks. 

My choice.  It had me at parfait really.  Attractive presentation with the clear hard plastic cases and mint leaf on top.  I was worried that it might be too sweet or too minty but they did not disappoint.  Flavors wrapped around each other seamlessly.  What you cant see is that there are little chunks of white chocolate chips in the brownie layers.  Its like little easter eggs! And it was one of the more reasonable items for the buck too....I shoulda got a second one for later since its probably seasonal. 

My friend's choice.  She took it home with her so I dont know how it tasted.  Love those little silver edible balls as decor though don't you? 

Red Velvet cupcake.  Again, my friend's choice.  Actually her toddler son ate this one in the car while we drove back to our house.  He had no complaints let me assure you.  He ate it in the way all tots do...nose dive into the frosting.  Cute!

The employee was gracious in letting us take pictures and for hemming and hawing at the counter.  I'd go back during a slow traffic day for sure.  xxoo


  1. hi dd
    i was just there last week... i had their Lux, a pyramid shaped dessert with a dark chocolate shell covering chocolate mousse. i've had it before and always liked it. i was disappointed by their lack of selection - they seemed to have been cleaned out that day and we were there around 5:30'ish which is really not that late at all. there were only two guys working the counter so maybe they didn't give a $#^! or something. in anycase, my friend and i still enjoyed our desserts. we found free parking a block away. we had a fun time people watching out the window...

  2. ahhh yea. i was surprised they didnt have more either. did u happen to see my st patricks day special item??? still thinking about it...yum

  3. hi dd
    yeah, i saw that mint parfait thing they had. it looked pretty good but i wasn't up for mint that day.

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