Sunday, July 14, 2013

BABS- Bao's Awesome Burgers and Sandwiches

After a day of galavanting on a hot California day, we absolutely had to have a juicy burger. Cravings are a monster. Our first choice was closed. A restaurant closed on a Sunday afternoon. Guess making money isn't their thing. We decided to check out this small mom ad pop place in Clairemont next to Crab Hut which is literally the worst parking lot ever. Still, we braved the madness because that's how badly we needed to eat a cheeseburger. 

I totally hunger brain farted and forgot to take pics of the appetizer which was a triple medley of fried veggies. Fried zucchini, onion rings and fried corn (described as similar to corn fritters). I will never know since they ran out of them. They also ran out of pickles. A sad day in burger land. They graciously let us have cream cheese wontons as a sub for the fried corn. So they do a decent fry job here- enjoyed their 4 onion rings and the 3 slices of zucchini that were given. I wanted more dangit! The wontons sucked. Filling had chopped white/ yellow onion inside (meh) and was at best Luke warm. I'd skip the won tons next time. 

My order- the Avocado Swiss burger.  All their burgers are stuffed with cheese inside so the patties aren't really flat. I like to kind of squish my burger flat for better traction so I didn't like the shape of this burger. Also the meat tasted like generic dumpling meat.  I kid you not. It had the same texture and taste as eating a steamed bun or dumpling. Not bad necessarily but not what I want from a burger for sure. Their bacon is a thicker cut (yum) and the bun was nicely toasted. But I didn't order a dumpling burger. Tasty fries though. 

Burger #2 was the Samahan burger. It had a stuffed patty as well with fries, cole slaw, sautéed mushrooms, Chinese BBQ pork, and a fried egg. Hubby agrees about the meat patty being off. Like a dumpling. Almost like my very Asian mom making a hamburger for the first to at home. He didn't really like the BBQ pork and said there wasn't much in there either. Le sigh. Pic below.

Beware. If you have a diaper wearing baby, they don't have a changing table in the restroom. Or if your child pees on your lap like mine did, you are pretty much S.O.L. The lady who helped us was very nice and attentive. Place appeared clean and in fact, they were wiping the chair bases of the empty tables while we were finishing up. 

Dang it. I still want a good burger. 


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